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Turning food scraps into high quality fertilizer.

Food waste is a huge global issue , America throws away 150,000 tons of food every day.. Solving this issue takes focus that only a few have given, like WISErg. A company that turns food scraps into high quality fertilizer.

Built in 2009 by Jose Lugo and Larry LeSueur, WISErg has become a company that creates solutions for food waste. Helping divert the amount of food making its way to a landfill. After raising $48.6M, WISErg created their patented harvester processor technology. Which is the technology used to process the food waste.

The Nutrient Recovery Cycle:


Gather Food Scraps

The first step in the process is gathering the food scraps from local grocery stores and delivering it to the Harvester

Retaining Nutrients & Processing

The Harvester is then put to work where it retains the nutrients from the food scraps. Once the harvester is done retaining the nutrients,the food scraps are then processed into a high quality fertilizer, fused with the rich nutrients from the food.

Back to work

Completing this sustainable process, the fertilizer is delivered to hundreds of farms where it will be used to create more food for all.

The Benefits over traditional Fertilizer

Traditional fertilizer, as harmless as it may seem, can actually be harmful to our environment and to us. From water pollution to food safety risks. It is well known that many of the pesticides in popular fertilizers contain ingredients that can cause cancer. Not to mention the dangerous pathogens that can exist in manure and fish-based fertilizers. WISErg takes great pride in making sure that their products are completely free from those risks.

Not only are they fighting our food waste issue, they’re providing a safe product that can help produce healthy, rich crops that feed many. If you would like to learn more about their story and their products follow this link here.