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Rocketbook Everlast: Your new notebook

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Credit: Rocketbook

Do you like to write with a notebook but hate wasting paper? You’re about to witness a change in the game. The Rocketbook Everlast is made to help reduce your paper waste and inevitably help lower your carbon footprint.

The idea behind the Rocketbook Everlast is to give you the look and feel of a normal notebook but it’s slightly different. Instead of having to keep buying new notebooks you can simply erase and start again.

When you have something wrote down that is important you can upload it to your drive, email and many other areas where you keep your information. That way you aren't losing any valuable notes that you’ve written down.

Each page looks and feels like paper but instead of being made out of wood it is made out of a polyester composite. Even while writing it feels natural and you may be wondering whether it will rub off while you’re writing, luckily the only way for it to be rubbed off is by a moist cloth.

All you need is this notebook & its app and you’re ready to go. No need in buying multiple notebooks for the school year, no more ripping out pages that are thrown into the garbage. Just one simple notebook to get you through.

We’d like to remind you that we are an affiliate of this company, with that said we fully believe in this type of tech as it provides a way for you to reduce your waste and carbon footprint.

Interested in getting one? Follow this link: