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Petra Nova, the largest scaled Carbon Capture Project in North America

Source: NRG Energy

NRG Energies set out with JX Nippon & Gas Exploration in 2014 to power the land with their sustainable technology that they added to their traditional coal and natural gas plants. With their goal of reducing their emissions around 90% by 2050

By 2030, NRG wants to reduce their emissions by 50% and 90% by 2050 with 2014 as a baseline. Since their 2018 report they have already reduced by 37% since 2014.

They realized that while being in the coal and natural gas industry that they needed to take responsibility for the emissions. The CEO said “we shifted our business to meet the needs of customers not only with reliable and affordable electricity, but also with cleaner and more tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.”

While using a post-combustion carbon capture technology they capture around 5000 metric tons daily which is equivalent to removing 350,000 vehicles from the road. Once this carbon is captured it’s pushed through an 80 mile pipeline that makes it way under mature oil reservoirs . This helps prolong the life of these fields and increase the amount they can extract from the mature reservoirs.

Before Petra Nova, the West Ranch Oil field could only produce 300 barrels daily. With the help of carbon capture, it has given them the ability to extract around 4000 barrels a day, which helps the countries domestic economy.

Whether or not coal and natural gas plants are bad for our environment, the reality is that they are still a huge part of our economy. But this doesn’t mean they can’t take the right steps to make more environmentally conscious decisions. NRG is a role model that every plant can take note from.

If you’d like to read more about NRG Energy, Follow this link


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