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New sensor technology made to catch air-polluting vehicles

Photo by Veit Hammer on Unsplash

Watch out, a new sensor is coming that can catch how much emissions you are emitting and whether or not it’s overly dirty. While the technology seems promising it may result in you getting charged or pay a toll in a emission-based city.

When we talk about vehicle sensors we usually think about sensors that catch us speeding or how noisy our vehicles are , or how well performance is, now we could see a sensor that has the ability to catch vehicles overly-emitting emissions in just a few seconds.

The sensor works by sensing the airborne particles and set a vibration off between the two-tined tuning fork , which produces an audible signal that is able to be analyzed and they have already seen success in sensoring gas measurements(Pelzl, 2019).

These sensors would be attached to roadsides, barriers or traffic signs so that the don’t interfere with the flow of traffic(Pelzl, 2019). The team believes that they will have low-cost sensors ready for production by the end of 2022(Coxworth, 2019).

Yes, it may be true that they will be making people pay for their emissions being too dirty. We already see it being done by cops that pull over vehicles with visually dirty emissions. But now, They’ll be able to tell who the individual is by attaching a camera to the sensor, capturing the license plate(Pelzl, 2019).

It may be that dense urban cities could set up an emission based toll as well, where the higher the emissions are, the more you’ll be charged(Pelzl, 2019). Since many cities have an air pollution problem, this could be very beneficial to limit the impact. Maybe influencing people to switch to low- emission vehicles.

How will people react to this? How would you? Do you think it’s right that we personally are charged for our emissions? Let us know what you think in the comments and make sure to share.


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