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NASA and Freight Farms plan to build a self sustaining crop production unit in space


Freight farms is out to empower individuals and organizations with crop production solutions. They turn old freights into a sustainable crop producer. They have caught the eye of Nasa and now working on a project to produce a self-sustaining Crop production system in deep space.

What is freight farms ?

Freight Farms was founded in 2010 by Brad McNamara and Jon Friedman who saw the need for innovation in urban agriculture. They created the Leafy Green Machine (LGM) which is an automated Hydroponic farm which is completely created in old freight containers.

The LGM is able to be located in any location, climate and produce in any season. Freight Farms goal is to become completely autonomous and run on 100% renewable energy.

Deep Space Food Production

NASA has confirmed they have given a grant to freight farms and Clemson University to start working on a self-sustaining crop production unit. The goal of this amazing project is to help provide a stable food supply for disaster relief, military bases and harsh climates. We could also see these being a major role in food supply for future living on mars.

Here are a few examples that NASA had in mind for the use of these farms:

- Life support for human exploration of deep space

- Enable advanced research of proteins and medicine

- Simulation of advanced external and internal conditions for plant growth and human symbiosis

You can find more about their applications here:

The goal behind this project for Freight Farms is to become a provider that has no limitations to climate, terrain and available land.

When can we see this technology be put to use?

At the moment they are at the beginning stage of this project so we are unable to give you an expected date but with how well they are doing, especially with their new system Greenery, we can only hope for a release date as soon as possible.

With the limitations of traditional farming, and environmental issues rising each year we hope to see freight farms become more well known and make the impact they set out to conquer. What do you think about this technology? Let us know in the comments!


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