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The portable utensils that fit in your wallet

There has been a buzz going on with reusable cutlery, but none of them seem to be solving a main issue, convenience. That was until GoSun, a company that creates green cooking solutions, designed their GoSun Flatware. A pair of utensils that can fit conveniently in your wallet.

Obviously, by now you know that we need to solve our plastic waste problem, especially our single-use plastics. In America alone, approximately 100 million plastic utensils are used a day.. a lot right? Fortunately, we have companies like GoSun who design and implement innovative solutions.

GoSun has recently introduced its GoSun Flatware on Kickstarter. Since the launch, they have been able to raise almost $45,000 to back up this project, almost 15x the amount they were asking for.

Source: GoSun's Kickstarter

These stainless steel utensils come in a card-sized case that can fit perfectly and conveniently into your wallet or purse. They also express the fact that they are extremely easy to clean by hand or dishwasher, and they are made to last. To use them, you simply pull your fork or spoon out of the handle and you’re ready to eat.

The simplicity and convenience aren’t even the best parts though, the positive impact they can have on even on a person's footprint and health is the best part. The utensils are BPA-Free and can last as long as you want, saying you take care of them.

By making the decision to switch over to reusable utensils, we can eliminate ourselves almost completely from single-use plastics. Saving a huge amount of waste that makes its way to landfills and the environment.

You can find & pre-order your own pair of GoSun’s flatware on their Kickstarter by following this link here. Let us know what you think about the product! Comment, Share & Follow.