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Fusion Energy: Are we ready for it?

Credit: Swansea University

Fusion energy is becoming more & more realistic as the years go by. It is the idealistic energy source over solar & wind. Reason being, it is a natural source that does not emit any greenhouse gases & is technically a limitless source of energy.

Why haven’t we seen this technology yet?

We haven’t seen this technology yet for a few reasons. First off, to even be able to create the fusion reaction, the machine has to be able to reach over 100 million degrees Celcius and be able to keep the plasma stabilized(Redd, 2012).

Another reason being, since there are no actual commercial prototypes, investors stray from this technology. Luckily with the breakthroughs that have been happening with tokamak energy & Lockheeds plan, we could be seeing this commercially in just 15 years(Devlin, 2018).

What is the potential of this technology?

Basically, we are just mimicking the suns process of making fusion energy. Without fusion energy, we wouldn’t be here since 99% of the universe is plasma.

This type of energy is technically limitless with little to no waste being produced. With it being limitless, the likelihood of it becoming demonetized is quite positive. Which means that even the poorer countries will have access to this technology.

When could it be a reality?

So I may have answered this a little earlier, but according to tokamak energy, we could see a commercial prototype by 2025(Best, 2017). Which could possibly catch the eyes of investors.

Like a chain effect, using investors money may help proceed advancements. Not to mention, we are always looking for ways for us to fight the climate crisis, and what better way to do it.

With the possibility of an unlimited source of energy, fusion energy will be the holy grail of energy. With little investments and some major breakthroughs needed, do you think we’ll really be able to make it a reality in 15 years? Let us know in the comments!


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