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Ethiopia plants 4 Billion trees goal by October has past halfway mark.

In February of this year, the prime minister of Ethiopia announced that they had an ambitious goal of planting 4 billion trees by October to help fight climate & their deforestation problems. On July 29th, they planted an astonishing 350 million trees in just 12 hours, which has marked the halfway mark towards their goal.

Fighting deforestation & the climate crisis

With Ethiopia being the second biggest country in Africa in population & an increase of 7 - 13% in their population in 15 years, deforestation has taken a huge toll on their country(Pickering, 2019). They have dropped from 30% of their land being forested at the end of the 19th century to 4%(Ethiopia Plants More than 350 Million Trees in 12 Hours.”, 2019).

Ethiopia is looking to fight this by planting 4 billion trees, and they’re on the right track. With 2.6 billion trees already planted(Yimer, 2019). This act has more benefits than just an increase in forestation. This will benefit the local species that have been suffering from the deforestation, able to provide food and provide a growing ecosystem. It’ll also help to capture carbon from the air.

It has been said that each person is responsible for 40 seeds to plant(“Ethiopia Plants 2.6 Billion Tree Seedlings as Part of National Project.”, 2019).

So what should we be taking away from this? Well, it can’t go unnoticed that a country that has faced many problems like water shortages and deforestation like in this case, can come together and actually face a serious problem. We hope that this type of remarkable act causes a chain effect throughout other countries, especially first world countries that are responsible for many of our environmental problems.


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