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Could the “No Future No Children” movement force governments to focus more on the climate crisis?

Source: Flaunt Magazine

Intro: Emma Lim, an 18 year old student from McGill University, started a movement that plans to make the canadian government focus their attention on the climate crisis and it’s exactly what it sounds like. No future. No Children.

The plan is for people to sign a pledge that says that they will not be having children until our government takes major action towards our climate crisis. Over 3500 people have signed up to this date.

By 2030 IPCC says our climate will reach 1.5 degrees since pre-industrial times.Many of our youth believe this may be a “doomsday” countdown. Emma long side many others, stated that they would not want to bring a child into our future world. From unlivable areas because of rising temperatures to Deadly heat waves.

This could be looked at as a very powerful move. This can cause a generation to become stagnant and cause economic problems. In this case, we may actually see our government take the climate crisis more seriously.

If you are interested in joining this pledge follow this link.

What do you think? Will this movement make our government take our climate crisis more seriously? Let us know in the comments.


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