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Go “Bananas” over this companies Biodegradable Technology

Single use products have been a real issue. Over one trillion single use plastics are used annually, which is around two million every minute. Banana Leaf Technology is here to support the reduction of this epidemic with their completely biodegradable technology. The secret? Banana Leaves.

Banana Leaf Technology was developed by Tenith Adithyaa, a young Indian innovation scholar. With his purpose being finding solutions and innovations to help society at large, he has developed a completely biodegradable technology that will help in the elimination of single use products. It has received over 7 international awards and 2 national awards, including the prestigious International Environmental Award, International Green Technology Award and Technology for the Future Award.

Banana Leaf Technology is a cellular Eco-friendly tech that preserves leaves and organic materials without the use of chemicals. Unlike the natural lifespan of these leaves, which is three days, the use of Tenith’s technology can preserve the leaves for one to three years with only a change to its natural color after one year.

What makes Banana Leaf Technology stand out?

Biodegradable & Chemical Free

Each product has a shelf life of 1 - 3 years that can be decomposed back into nature within 28 days of being thrown out, unlike plastic and similar products which can take over 365,000 days or in other words 1000 years which can make its way into our environment and harm animals and our ecosystems.


The technology has enhanced the leaves physical properties which has made each of their products durability equal, if not better than some traditional plastics.

Deforestation Prevention

Not only is it completely biodegradable, it also has the potential to save 4 billion trees a year from being cut down. In other words, banana leaf technology doesn’t require any deforestation.

Cost effective

It only cost 1 cent to process on leaf which makes it a completely tangible project on a massive scale.

Where can this technology be applied?

Banana Leaf technology can be used in widely different types of products. At the moment they’re producing over 30 different products. But it's good to know that options are limitless.

There are many different biodegradable products out there. But very few can compare to this technology. We hope to create more awareness about these alternatives in the hope of reducing our single use plastics and with the help of countries like Canada, who are looking to ban single use plastics by 2021. We will have to start focusing on technologies like these.

Follow this link to learn more about Banana Leaf technology