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8 effective ways to reduce your waste

Let’s all be honest here, we all love convenience. Who wouldn’t? As someone who doesn’t always have time to wash my clothes by hand , id rather stick to the good ol washer. But this convenience has a toll and natures paying for it. So I took the time to give you guys some effective tactics that aren’t only beneficial to you but also beneficial to the rest of us.

Make your own damn coffee

I’m a coffee lover and I’m sure you are too. I like waking up to the smell of coffee, it sets my day up! But too many of us are taking the easy route and just buying our coffee on the way to work. This type of convenience is one of the most wasteful and well… silly.

If we really think about it, brewing coffee takes maybe 5 minutes, depending on how much you drink. If you really don’t have time in the morning, many brewers have timers on them so that it will be ready for you in the morning. Instead of using paper cups, use your own refillable coffee cups.

Also try restraining your use of coffee pods. Pods are very wasteful especially since most are single use only. If you want to go a step further, They have reusable filters that you simply wash out and use again.

Fill your pens

I’m a writer (obviously) and I like to write my ideas down when coming up for any project I am working on. We all have gone through countless amounts of pens and kept having to buy more on the regular. By switching to completely refillable pens, you’ll save money, gas, and reduce how much crap you throw away. But your very best bet would be to go completely digital.

If you love the feeling of writing, grab yourself a notebook like this one. Not only are you reducing your waste, but you’re also decluttering. Getting rid of the habit of filling a notebook and throwing it away when it’s not useful anymore.

Replaceable/Reusable Razors

Having the ability to grow facial hair fast can be good for the ladies, but also bad for your pocket and nature. Using throw away razors is a huge problem, after maybe 2 - 4 times of use, it’s ready for the trash. Not good for men or women that shave frequently.

Instead, switch to electric razors that have either replaceable heads or razors that come with reusable heads that you switch to, depending on the length.

Microfiber Cloth

The use of paper towels & paper napkins seems ridiculous. As “convenient” as this may be, it’s horrible for the environment, slowly making its way to the oceans.

By consciously switching to a microfiber cloth you are not only drastically reducing your waste, you’ll be able to use it for years on end and saving money on 100’s of roles of paper towels.

Bring your own bags

Eliminate those grocery bags! Seriously though, plastic bags take at least 1000 years to compose and we only use them once and just to give you a perspective, the average person uses at least 4 plastic bags for every grocery trip. That is well over 200 bags a year.

Who wants to keep stacking up on plastic bags!? You ain’t going to be able to use them all! Switch to reusable bags or biodegradable bags, that way you may only use those bags you have and not worry or feel bad about what to do with all those bags.

Buy in Bulk

When grabbing your food, try to go for bulk. This way the plastic that is being used is less than say a small bag. To give you an example, rice can be bought in different ways. If you bought multiple small bags of rice you would actually be wasting more than a bulk bag.

A step further would be to use the “scoop your own” way for uses like nuts, seeds and other produce. This way you determine how much is really being wasted and like said earlier, bring your own bag!

Forget single use Products

Yep, that’s right. Screw em. Any product that you buy that is a one time use. Forget it. These exact products are a main culprit in our pollution problem. If you really are looking for a way to help out. This one is it.

Now obviously this may be hard with certain types of products. But by even being conscious about the use of each product you buy can help more than you know. Switch to multi-use products as best as possible.

Unplug for the night

You aren’t using your TV at night or any other device in fact, unless you’re some superhuman that we don’t know of! So why keep them plugged in at night? You’re costing yourself thousands of your lifetime and for nothing.

Not to mention, 37% of all our emissions in the U.S alone are made from energy production, so to go so far and unplug everything. You are reducing your own part in energy waste and only using it when necessary.

To even make the decision to follow one of these , you’re not only setting a better example for yourself, but others around you. Many people follow the herd, so become a leader and watch em follow. Let’s lead each other to a cleaner environment. If you have any other fantastic ways to reduce your waste, make sure to leave a comment below and share with us!